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Benefits of Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds can provide a practical and highly versatile window covering solution for your home but surprisingly they also provide health benefits and save you money in the long run, by controlling the amount light entering the room.

As most houses have large bay windows in this country, the sun can pour through particularly in the summer months, with rays magnified many times as they pass through the glass, making the room feel a lot hotter. I am sure we are all aware the effect the sun rays have on furniture and the general d├ęcor of the room, making it fade after prolonged exposure. Vertical blinds can help to reduce the colour fade on sofas, chairs and other furniture in the room and thus prolonging the life of your furniture and room decor, saving time and the cost of having to have it recovered.

There are other ways that verticals blinds can save you money in both the summer and the winter months. In the summer, vertical blinds can be partially closed, keeping the room cooler thus reducing the need the need for air-conditioning. In the long winter months, the suns rays are a welcome distraction from the usual doom and gloom of the British weather, and help to raise the room temperature, not to mention the general mood of the household and its occupants. Over the span of twelve months, this could add up to a substantial saving on the cost of electricity.

Vertical blinds also have considerable health benefits, particularly in the summer months. By partially closing the blinds and angling the slats in a particular way, while still providing privacy, you can control the amount of light that comes in and in fact control which part of the room the intense summer light is direct at. Glare is a major cause of headaches and eye-strain and by keeping the sun’s rays to a minimum this can provide a welcome relief for many suffers in the UK.
There is an advantage for those that suffer from dust allergies as the vertical blinds do not get dusty as some other forms of window shading solutions, as most of the dust just drops in between the slats.

With so many fabrics and colours available, Verticals blinds can really save you money in the long run and provide some unexpected health benefits. So if you are considering installing blinds for your home, maybe vertical blinds are the perfect and yet highly affordable solution for your window coverings.

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